Gateway to Essential Gnosis *UPDATED*
Join us for a truly magical Christmas and New Year
Dec. 22, 2019, 12:00 p.m. – Jan. 05, 2020, 12:00 p.m.
Villa Armani,
Partida Llacuna, 854, 46720, València, Spain




Red Christmas Wreath

Gateway to Essential Gnosis *UPDATED*

*NEW VENUE, DATES, PRICES!* Discover the Essence of Gnosis this Christmas & New Year's amidst the coastal mountains of Valencia, Spain. This 2-week retreat teaches must-know Gnostic concepts, practices & secrets so YOU can "bear gifts for your newborn INNER Christ." CLICK "REGISTER NOW" FOR DETAILS!

Time & Location

Dec. 22, 2019, 12:00 p.m. – Jan. 05, 2020, 12:00 p.m.

Villa Armani, Partida Llacuna, 854, 46720, València, Spain



It will not simply be a rehash of information you may have read in books, or been exposed to via online lectures (i.e. Attlas Allux's mission is to deliver the living, breathing Word of the Logos as appropriate to humanity in this time, which means focusing on unveiling contemporary stories and mythologies, telling new parables, and most importantly delivering the teachings such that they are the most accessible, practical and useable possible. This is the Essence of Gnosis: experiential knowledge; applicable to your life and by extension the lives of all those whom you affect. Expect to hear never-before expressed Truths, as all lectures will be 100% unscripted. Don't be surprised to see Attlas himself surprised by what Allux speaks through him in the moment.



Our focus is to help you connect with your own Innermost Intimate Being...the Seed...the Christ-child who must be born among the manger of your animal mind. This means holding an INTIMATE RETREAT, similar to the nativity scene itself, with very few witnesses in attendance to experience this magical and sacred time of year when the birth of our Innermost Lord can take place. In other words, there will be NO MORE THAN 20 PARTICIPANTS (including facilitators and staff). The first few hours will be spent LISTENING. This is a very different approach than other Gnostic retreats you may have experienced (it's certainly different than the retreats we have experienced). Whether you come as a single or together as a couple, our approach will be to allow the Christ to flow into, around, and through the retreat according to the needs of participants: including dynamically changing plans, topics, practices (within reason) according to level, interests, longings and consensus of the group. Also, we know the power of the following statement: tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand. An intimate and interactive workshop atmosphere will be adopted whenever possible and appropriate. If you feel the Being-Impulse to share something your Innermost Intimate wishes to contribute, we'd like you to feel comfortable contributing for the benefit of everyone. Conversely, if you feel the deep longing within to simply be present, remain quiet and be as a sponge absorbing all that is shared and done without making so much as a sound, we understand, respect, and will accommodate your wishes. No one need do anything which they are not prompted to do from within. This is as much your retreat as it is ours, and it is on that basis that we will together create a Space of Love in which to better ourselves for the sake of the end of suffering of all beings.



• Revolutionary Psychology (For Comprehensive Study/Practice of AUM of Psychology

• Self-Observation (Mindfulness) & Self-Remembering

These are absolutely essential for any true seeker in the real work. We will cover these topics in depth, the essentials to progression, presented in a way that is easy to grasp and put into action. See our AUM of Life video for more information. We will discover how to apply them to yourself, your psychology, your life, relations and work. Leading not only to elimination of stress, anxiety, depression, psychological and emotional imbalance, etc., but also self-knowledge, comprehension of problematic interpersonal relationships, presence, awareness, Serenity, peace, wisdom, love and ultimately Self-Realization;. To master this, you must master yourself and master your world and this starts with getting to Gno*U.


Transformation of Impressions (deal with and transform all that is pressed upon us both internally and externally)

Prayer (the purpose, methods, aims, actions and benefits of real prayer)

Pranayama (controlled conscious breathing]

Visualization (techniques & practices to cultivate the creative imagination “muscle” which in us is atrophied/fixated on fantasy)

Meditation (Relaxation, Concentration, Visualization, Prayer; “Psychological Judo;” Internal Meditation; more)

Retrospection Meditation (method to discovering the root of any particular ego in order to eliminate it)

Mantra, Music & Sound (discover the methods, healing, and connection to the divine that results)

Runes (physical body runes that help us

Rites of Rejuvenation (techniques to heal]

White Tantra (practices for singles and couples in order to help evolution of consciousness and dissolution of egos)

Astral Projection & Dream Yoga (Learn techniques to travel SAFELY in the Fifth Dimension)

Defense for Spiritual Warfare (Lean how to defend yourself from attacks)

Laban Movement & Conscious 'Acting' (Experience conscious control over your body)









AND our Christmas Special on the true meaning of Christmas and the meaning behind the symbols and what it means for us on our path.




Nestled in the Spanish Mountain of La Llacuna,villalonga, Mansion Armani (meaning freedom) offers a peaceful and tranquil setting for our cozy and intimate Christmas retreat. With stunning views, and beautiful walks amidst the impressive handiwork of nature. Nearby is the River Serips (the serpent) with its picnic spots, outdoor BBQ’s and ocean view in the distance. The house includes all comforts one could wish for to relax, experience a truly magical Christmas and a fruitful start to the New Year…with the ‘new you.’

Local Beach
Sunset Mountain
The River Serpis (Serpent)




You awaken to a healthy selection of fruits, cereals, yogurts. Lunch will consist of soups, salads, pastas and sandwiches followed by an evening meal ranging from Indian curry cuisine to Italian pizza and everything in between.


 We will enjoy a traditional British Christmas dinner cooked by our professional friendly British chef with sides of all of the delights of   Christmas to tickle our tastebuds. All meals and drinks are included within the price of this retreat.

Vegetarians and vegans can be catered for with prior notice.



*2 weeks in the stunning mountain villa

*All food and drinks prepared by our professional chef

*2 restaurant meals, beachside cuisine

*beach day/night

*picnic and BBQ at the peak of the mountain 360 degree

  spectacular views, with a hike to the WINDOW

*A surprise Christmas gift exchange

* Movie nights with an unveiling of the hidden esoteric secrets

* opera night at Mansion Armani

*A trip out yet to be decided

*Yoga mat

*New journal


We will be offering free access to our technology partner-You Method. Thus on returning home, combined with your effort, you will have a platform that will help track and manage your mental wellness, increase control over your own psychology, self awareness and self knowledge You will have access to the growing anonymous community of those participating from all over the world where you can share your joys and woes; exchange wisdom and words of encouragement and support. Sharing and caring helps and You method’s technological application, not only promotes, but also aids the premise that-we really are ALL in this together


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We look forward to spending this magical time of year with you in the stunning setting of the mountains of Spain where there is more chance of sunshine than rain.

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Image by Sean O.