About Us

Attlas Allux
aka Attila Lewis Lendvai

Attlas Allux incarnated as Attila Lewis Lendvai, on June 2, 1973, in Toronto Canada.

We began meditating and experienced our first Samadhi at the age of five, and started questioning the precepts of our Catholic education; without losing any reverence for the underlying divinity obscured by the layers of religious dogma and belief.


At age 15 we learned our real name, and Attlas Arts born. By this point our spiritual experiences had eliminated any semblance of “belief” and we became, in effect, a spiritual atheist (what we would later learn is euphemism for Gnostic).

After attending university and floundering in the Toronto arts scene for some time, we moved to Japan where our advances in Self-remembering took leaps and bounds and where, at age 25, we received knowledge of mission in Japan.

At age 35, after a decade of misadventures in Internet start-up companies, consulting for other entrepreneurs, and acquiring an MBA, we wrote our first book, “The Attlas Project Vol. 1 - SEE the World in a New Light,” which was a cathartic exercise to purge ourselves from our delusions in top-down structural solutions to the world’s problems. 


Now, a decade later, at age 45, we announce the official launch of The Attlas Project (including YouMethod, Gno*Usys, AUM and everything we’ve shared with you in this presentation).